1Payment for first night's stay is required upon booking to guarantee any reservation. This payment is calculated to cover all authorized number of occupants for the room (assuming correctness of age of extra child).
2100% (less administrative fee) of payment is refundable if booking is cancelled at least 30 days before the first reserved date.
350% (less administrative fee) of payment is refundable if booking is cancelled at least 7 days before the first reserved date.
40% is refundable for no-shows or cancellation on short notice (6 days or less).
5There are no refunds or credits given for early check-outs.
6Cancellation due to force majeur in El Nido, Puerto Princesa or elsewhere in the Philippines that directly prevent the transit and arrival of the guest at the Hotel can be rebooked within 6 months from first day of reserved stay subject to room availability and room rate differential.
7In case, any of the authorized number of occupant is a child (according to definition by the hotel), this child will be accepted free of charge. If the room has an extra charge applied to the down payment, this extra charge will be waived for the child for his entire stay. Adjustments will be applied to the balance payment.

1Payment for first night's stay is required upon booking to guarantee any reservation.
2Rates are not applicable for overnight stays.
3Booking is non-transferable and non-rebookable.
4All payments made are non-refundable in part or whole.
5Rates are non-discountable; except when a guest is a qualified senior provided that his SCD is applied only to his share of the room rates.

1Check-in is at 2:00 pm while check-out is at 12:00 noon. Requests for early check-in may be accommodated starting 10:00 am subject to room availability. Late check-out may also be accommodated subject to room availability but subject to charges. Approval of any such requests is not obligatory on the part of the Hotel but is granted at the discretion of the Hotel.
2Passport or government issued ID card must be presented upon check-in.
3A cash deposit equivalent to a one-night stay is required to initially cover damages caused by guest. Any unused of uncharged balance of the deposit will be refunded to guest upon check-out. Damages uncovered by the deposit will have to be settled before check-out.

1Payment will be accepted in cash (Philippine currency) or through reputable credit card facility accredited with the Hotel.
2Administration fees may apply to credit card payment.
3Charges in your credit card bill will be from Rezervate Ventures, Inc..

1The normal capacities of the different rooms and their bed configurations are as follows:
Standard Double room good for 1-2 persons has a queen bed
Premium-Double room good for 1-2 persons has a queen bed
Standard Twin room good for 1-2 persons has two single beds
Special-Double room good for 1-3 persons has a queen bed and a single bed
Triplet room good for 1-3 persons has three single beds
Regular Family room good for 1-4 persons has two queen beds
Special Family room good for 1-4 persons has a queen bed and two single beds
2No extra bed will be added to any room; instead mattress on the floor can be supplied to any room except the Triplet room. Number of mattress is limited to only one.
3All guests will be considered adults and subject to full rate unless they are classified as children by our Front Desk Officer during check-in. A guest is classified as child if he is 6 years old or below; documentary proof will be required. In the absence of proof, a child is one not taller than four feet.
4Extra occupant (except in Triplet Room) is allowed as explained below:
a.Only one extra person may be allowed to stay in a room and will be charged P1,500 per night (price subject to change) inclusive of free mattress on floor.
b.If the extra person is a child (see Hotel criteria) he may be allowed to stay free of charge provided he shares existing bed of the guest. For the child, one mattress on the floor can be rented for P500 per night (price subject to change) but only one mattress is ever allowed in any room (none in a Triplet). See Front Desk for rental.
c. If there is already an extra adult, there can be no more extra child and if there is already an extra child, there can be no more extra adult

1Excessive noise and unruly behaviour are prohibited. In cases where the intervention of police becomes necessary, the Hotel reserves the right to expel involved guests without refund for the unused days of stay.
2Any breakages caused by the guest to Hotel property will be charged to guest. Likewise, any missing items (including towels and key cards) from the guest room will be charged to guest.
3Items borrowed from Hotel should be returned, otherwise will be charged to the guest.
4Smoking is not allowed inside the guest bedroom and bathroom. Smoking is allowed in the balconies and the open air public areas outside the hotel.
5Visitors are not allowed in the guest rooms at anytime to ensure the security and safety of all guests and their belongings. Guest may invite his visitor to join him at the dining room or lounge or lobby.
6Guests who have checked out have no more privilege of using hotel facilities starting noon time on check-out day. They may arrange for limited use of some facilities but subject to fees and charges and discretionary Hotel approval.
7The use of the swimming pool is reserved primarily for registered guests. In situations where there are few users of the swimming pool, the Hotel at its discretion may allow a guest to invite a visitor to join him. A guest may invite only one visitor for the day. Visitor will be charged a daily fee P500 (price subject to change).
8Swimming pool hours are from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. Since the pool is 4.5 feet deep, persons below 5 feet tall are advised not to use the pool unless accompanied by a tall adult. The Hotel will not be responsible for any untoward incident arising from any unwarranted use of the pool. Diving into the pool is not allowed.
9Swimming pool users are requested to dry themselves thoroughly before entering the hotel. They are requested to refrain from wetting the floors and stairs on their way into the hotel or their rooms to avoid people from slipping on the wet areas.

1A room safe with electronic keypad is provided in each guest room. Only the guest is responsible for devising his combination code and for keeping it confidential. Written instructions for proper use are furnished. Verbal tutorial or actual demostration for proper use of the safe is available upon request.
2The Hotel will not be responsible for loss arising from misuse of the room safe. In any event the loss is proven to be due to Hotel actuations, the maximum liability of the Hotel is limited to US$100.
3For very valuable items, the Hotel encourages the guest to entrust such items to the Front Desk for safekeeping. It is the duty of the guest to prove the prior good or viable condition of any item before entrusting it with the Hotel.

1In the public areas of the Hotel and in some staff areas, CCTV is in operation and video recordings will be made. This activity is deemed necessary for security and for service reasons in order for the Hotel to improve and better its management as well as for the security and safety of all its guests and staff.
2All video recordings remain the property of the Hotel.

The hotel is a dog-friendly establishment. Guest may bring their pet dog provided they do not become nuisance to other guests. The pet owner is liable for damages and harm caused by his pet on the property or on the persons of other guests, Hotel and its staff. Guest is reminded to clean up after his dog and to keep it quiet the whole day.

1WIFI service is provided free of charge and available in designated areas.
2While the Hotel is equipped with extra equipment to boost WIFI service, the strength and speed of the internet signal ultimately depend on that provided by the telecommunications company over which the Hotel has no control.

The Hotel accepts no liability and will not pay compensation where the performance of its obligations is prevented by or as result of force majeur or any circumstances beyond its control such as, but not limited to, flood, earthquake, adverse weather conditions, natural disasters and failure of public utilities.

In case of any confusion or uncertainty about the Terms and Conditions, any and all of these will be interpreted in favor of the Hotel.